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      Connect Electric Service

      Moving to a new home or office?

      Start, stop, or transfer your service here.


      LIHEAP Receives Additional Funding

      The Arkansas Energy Office recently announced that Arkansas will receive $6.9 million in COVID-19 relief funding which will go toward enhancing LIHEAP programs and help Arkansans pay PAST DUE energy bills. 

      The revised program began Monday, July 27.

      Payment Arrangements or Assistance

      If you are facing unexpected hardships or unmanageable electric bills during this time, please call Carroll Electric (800-432-9720) to discuss all your available options.

      Consider E-Services

      While lobby areas are temporarily closed, consider enrolling in e-Services for your convenience.

      Online and Over-the-Phone Payment Fees

      Online and over-the-phone payment fees will be refunded while our lobby areas remain closed.

      Beware of Scams

      Carroll Electric is alerting members to be aware of potential scam phone calls or emails threatening to shut off power if payment is not made.

      Customer Service

      Customer Service

      Most services offered through this website are also available by contacting Customer Service.


      Business office hours:

      8:00 - 4:30 pm, M-F

      Emergency Service Always Available

      The cleanest, cheapest kilowatt hour on planet earth...is the one not used.


      CARES Act | Small Business Relief

      CARES Act | Small Business Relief

      The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities Act of 2020 intends to help small businesses.

      Read More

      COVID-19 Response

      COVID-19 Response

      Carroll Electric Cooperative | COVID-19 Response Plan

      Read More

      Caution to Members

      Caution to Members

      Beware of Scammers Taking Advantage of COVID-19 Fears

      Read More

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